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Fifa 13 Error E1103 Fix Fixed

Many gamers think that they will play in FIFA 2013 without any problems if they purchase a licensed version of the product. Naturally, there will be less problems, and you can always contact technical support to get a professional answer, as well as help. However, do not think that you will not have any problems at all. For example, E1103 - an error that can occur both on pirated versions of the game, and on licensed copies. Therefore, no one guarantees you that the game will work like a clock, you should pay for it. So, if you have such a mistake, you should definitely read this guide to understand all possible solutions.

Fifa 13 Error E1103 Fix


So, before deciding how to solve the problem, you must first understand what it is. E1103 - an error that can occur when you start the game FIFA 2013. You may have a screen with the game screensaver, but after that everything will hang, and if you exit, you will receive a message that says just about this error. From there you will become aware that the game does not have the rdl.dll file, so it can not start. In what there can be a reason? And most importantly - how to eliminate E1103, an error that has spoiled the nerves of far not one ten of gamers?

If you downloaded the pirated version of the game, then you should first of all think about disabling the antivirus. E1103 - an error telling you that you do not have a file on your computer, which means that there is a high probability that it was blocked by your antivirus. When you download pirated versions, always disable the antivirus before installation - this applies not only to FIFA 2013, but to all other games. The fact is that they get the opportunity to run without a disk and without a license due to the fact that they introduce crack - a special program that breaks the protection. And many antiviruses can define it as a threat, then quarantine or delete it.

If the file has already been deleted, remember it, delete the game and install it again with the antivirus disabled. Then enable the antivirus and add the file to the exceptions so that the next time you start the game, there are no problems. In FIFA 13 error E1103 occurs quite often, but not always it is because of the antivirus. As it was said before, this error also arises for those gamers who use a licensed copy of the game.

The following situation may arise for everyone, but you do not need to delve into this reason for why error e1103 may occur. Help in the configuration you will find in this guide - in the fix there is nothing complicated or frightening. You just need to find a file called replay0.bin and delete it. After that, create a new file with the same name and extension, but make it empty. When you are done with this, you will have to make the final touches - save the file, and then make it read-only. This will prevent the repeated entry of information into it, which causes the above error to occur.

The last way to solve the problem is sometimes effective, but it is still not recommended to use it, since it is extremely unprofessional. When an error message appears on the screen, you can see which file is missing. Copy its name, if it is possible (if not, remember), and then go to the page of any search engine and look in the network where exactly you can download such a file. Download it, copy it to the game folder and try to start it again. Remember that all this you do at your own peril and risk - you can ruin the game client or even bring a virus to the computer. But at best you can achieve a positive result, and the game will work. However, it is recommended that this step should be replaced by an appeal to technical support, as there you will be able to provide professional assistance and let us know what it might be wrong, what tests to conduct and what to do next. Thus, you can solve the problem without resorting to the use of dangerous methods, the effectiveness of which is not 100% and which can put your computer at risk.


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