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2 Girls 1 Cup Actual Video

the timing for a sequel -- and 3 girls 1 cup) was ideal: the picture had not yet reached critical mass. the novelty is to have a film that would not have been made by the studios or by a couple of guys, but by an army of enthusiastic amateurs. if thiswas a bad reaction, it was unintentional.

2 girls 1 cup actual video


reactions still happen. take the scooby-doo two-part audio reaction . the reaction assumes its own narrative arc, imagining the events that occurred before and after the movie. a free narrative, it is driven by imagination and creating meaning with just two clips. imaginative, lively, and relatively malleable, it also signifies the potential for these shared fantasies to be manipulated or changed.

the universal orphanage, a site with a modest but growing library, offers an even simpler version of this kind of reaction with the reaction concept called unorphan . the film is specified, but the reactions are up to the community: "you know the movie, but can you guess whats going to happen?" the audience writes the reaction; if the film isn't suspenseful enough, the participant can add gore or violence. the gags quickly expand to using all their emotions. unorphan allows for seemingly limitless interpretation -- you even get to dictate the ending of the film by weighting the points (like in a choose your own adventure book) based on how well the reaction mirrors your prediction.

now im just imagining the conference room that people like us were listening to these creepy noises in some awkwardly humid corner of an office. what if we spent the following decade incessantly revisiting this pickle, searching for that one second of a reaction that perfectly and uniquely matched the moment in the film?


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