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Where To Buy Chef Pants

Chefwear's chef pants and cook pants are made of high-quality breathable fabrics such as cotton and twill to provide maximum comfort, functionality and easy movement. We have mens chef pants and womens chef pants in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors!

where to buy chef pants

Choose from styles like our original baggy chef pants, cotton chef pants, printed chefs pants, jogger chef pants, slim fit chef pants, and cargo chef pants, making them the best chefs pants for every chef or cook. Elastic or drawstring waistbands provide greater comfort, and the breathable fabrics offer protection for the lower body from flames, heat, steam, as well as hot spills. We have a wide selection of chef pants for women and will be launching an extended line of womens chef pants in the Spring of 2023 - stay tuned! In addition to our wide selection of best selling chef pants, we offer cook pants, chef shorts, and chef overalls.

The team at Chefwear is always available to help you place an order, or to answer any questions you may have. Whether you would like information on our breathable cotton chef pant, or would like to place a large order for your restaurant or café, one of our account managers will be happy to help you. Contact us today to request more information on our modern, functional, and durable chefs pants that pair perfectly with one of our chef coats or chef shirts for a great looking, functional set.

Whether you have the liberty to choose, or not, there are some pants we gravitate towards more so than others. Here are the top picks among chefs, some of which can be found in very commonly known stores and some of which may surprise you.

In the early years of my career I remember having to go to specialty uniform shops to find a pair of classic chef pants. I remember many of those shops not having a fitting room so I had to guess how the size would fit.

I would have to roll the two inch elastic waistband twice to get the hems off the floor. And while the baggy nature of these pants did provide me with the kind of protection from heat and spills that one needs, I did long for something much more comfortable and form fitting to spend my twelve hour days in.

More and more, cooks and chefs are choosing non-industrial grade chef pants instead of the classic pants from the days of Escoffier. It would seem as though we are spilling and catching on fire less, so the need for an overtly thick and baggy pant actually becomes more intrusive than helpful.

The type of establishment has a whole lot to do with the chosen style of pants that populate the norm. You will find that institutionalized establishments error more on the side of the classic baggy chef pants, with some deeming them as required.

Conversely, you will find more commonly worn articles of pants in independently owned establishments. I reached out to a few of my friends in the industry to see what other chefs were wearing these days. I received an overwhelming landslide of a conclusion telling me that if offered the choice, jeans, leggings, or trousers are the go-to.

Anna is a chef based out of Washington D.C. where she has called home for over six years. She received her associates for Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management in Oregon, where she's originally from. Her 14 year culinary career has taken her across the country working in fine dining restaurants.She helmed the kitchen at The Royal in Washington D.C. as they received their first two Bib Gourmet awards after Michelin included the region. She isapproaching the current times by reconnecting with nature and working as a freelance writer and photographer.

For over 20 years, Chefs Closet has committed to providing our customers with the best chef apparel & chef clothing in the industry. We offer a large selection of quality chef jackets, chef pants, kitchen shirts and more.

We think our range of Chef Pants are some of the best available on the market. We have designed our chef pants in easy-care, high-quality fabrics, using superior construction with double stitching and bar tacking on pressure points. Our Chef Pants have both an elasticised waist and drawstring for ultimate comfort.

At Aussie Chef Clothing, we aim to deliver our packages within 2-6 business days within Australia. For international shipping, it will depend on where it is being shipped. Please contact us for more info.

Clement Design is happy to introduce you to the new level of quality and excellence you should expect when purchasing your next chef jacket. Our apparel is manufactured alongside chefs, and tailored to the professionals who want to look and feel as good as they perform while they are in the kitchen. Every jacket is built to last, offering stain resistance and longevity.

Our goal is to provide premium quality, tailored-to-fit chef jackets. There's no reason you should be swimming in your work uniform. We've developed our jackets alongside chefs so you'll no long have to spend hours in baggy and uncomfortable clothing. Not only does our apparel offer pristine quality, comfort, and fit, but also a new level of confidence.

Uncommon Threads offers an assortment of comfortable, yet functional chef pants for the restaurant and hospitality professional. Chef pants are available plain or patterened and are designed with an ultra-comfortable elastic waist. To help you find your perfect pair of work pants, Uncommon Threads has a number of different options available to you, including drawstrings, side pockets, back pockets, towel loops and double stitching for added strength.

Edwards Garment baggy chef pants are the ultimate in comfort, with a generous cut and an elastic waist. Styles are available in classic black and white, as well as a variety of stripes, plaids and houndstooth patterns. 041b061a72


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