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Remodel Bathrooms REPACK

Ask any real estate agent and they will tell you that the two most important rooms in any home are kitchens and bathrooms. Because we spend a lot of time in these two rooms, it is important that they represent who we are and that they meet our needs. Your bathroom, whether it is the oasis of your master bathroom or the guest bathroom that is used by family and friends, you want these rooms to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing so that they become a warm and comfortable part of your home.

remodel bathrooms

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Whether you need a new look on your bathroom cabinets and countertops, or a complete bathroom renovation including a bathroom redesign, Cornerstone is the company for you. Not only do we do all of our bathroom cabinet and countertop renovation/remodeling work in-house, but we also have the right people on staff to see your bathroom renovation dream become a reality. Our 120-employee company includes licensed plumbers, electricians, carpenters, tile installers, drywall workers, painters, and even a shower door installer to help us meet all your bathroom remodeling needs.

DreamMaker\'s work is excellent, and I would call them artist\'s, with what they do. They are an excellent group of people to work with, and they make the remodeling process easy. We were very satisfied.

Had a great experience with Dream Maker. Very personable and professional. Had floors and tub/shower tiled in bathroom. I will be using them again for 2 more bathrooms. Would highly recommend using Dream Maker.

Our whole experience of renovating two bathrooms with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen was easy. The design process was easy and convenient. The carpenter who was assigned to our two projects was respectful, efficient, and skilled.

Finding a skilled and reliable contractor is a challenge so we are delighted that we found Roger and Linda to help with our bathrooms. They did everything they promised and more - great communication, worked when they said they would, identified potential problems early, resolved issues when they came up... all around class act - thank you Roger & Linda!...more

Our clients tell us the best place to start is in our design center. At our first design center meeting, a DreamMaker designer will listen carefully and discuss your needs so your remodeling dreams are incorporated into your new space. We look forward to you sharing photos of your existing space and encourage you to bring any sketches or inspiration that you have gathered with you. We look forward to getting started!

Remodeling your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it is important to consider whether you should remodel your entire home at once or do it in stages. Depending on the scope of work, budget considerations, a...

Like a caterpillar that becomes a butterfly, you can transform your bathroom in similar fashion. For small bathrooms, you might be able to pull off a same day bathroom remodel. Before you consider that option, make sure you know what it entails.

Black is a good color for small bathrooms. This stylish remodel featured on lelaburris makes use of black as an accent color in combination with white. It adds depth to the room together with all the placed accessories like the floating shelf above the toilet and mirror.

Colors like white, beige, light grey, and pastels are ideal colors for small spaces appear bigger, brighter, and more open. Feel free to design a tub to walk in shower remodel. The system is ideal for the elderly or those recovering from a serious injury.

Get creative with your layout and use spaces adjacent to your bathroom. For example, this remodel project from Boxwoodavenue plays off of a narrow hallway. The approach allows for transitions that were difficult and awkward.

Building permit fees for kitchen and bathroom remodels are based on the valuation of the work to be to be performed. Valuation includes both the materials and labor (labor costs must be included even for projects performed by the owner/builder). In addition to a building permit fee, minimum electrical, plumbing, and if applicable, mechanical fees will be required. Each permit also includes a filing fee and micro filming charge.

Windows Doors & More offers a variety of fixtures, materials, and accessories to aid in your remodel. Visit our showroom to see a wide selection of bathroom lighting, bathtubs and showers, bathroom faucets and sinks, bathroom vanities, bathroom flooring and much more.

Windows Doors & More Kitchens has professional design consultants, to help you create the kitchen of your dreams. Our kitchen renovation experts will help you throughout the entire process, and ensure that your kitchen remodeling project goes smoothly.

The Design consultation is intended to help craft the custom remodel specific to your needs. Because of this, there are many factors to be considered and only through the consultation could an accurate price be quoted. During the consultation, you will receive a price that is valid for one full year.

Both your kitchen and a bathroom need an upgrade, but you can only remodel one. How do you choose? Here we break down 3 key factors you should consider before deciding between a kitchen or bathroom remodel.

Kitchen and bathrooms are the most common remodels we do here at Lamont Bros. And for good reason, both have high returns on investment on average. Here in the Portland area, these remodels can result in roughly a 70-80% return right away. But how do you choose which to do first if both your kitchen and a bathroom in your home need an upgrade? Here are some important factors to help you decide.

Another key consideration when deciding between a kitchen or bathroom remodel is: which will result in the best return on investment? More often than not, a kitchen remodel will yield a greater immediate return. Most kitchen remodels often result in a 60%-80% return on investment right after the project is completed.

For major remodels, both kitchen and bathrooms return about 60% of your return immediately. With lighter remodels, kitchens can feature a return closer to 80%; bathrooms somewhere around 70% on average.

One would hope this question could be answered with some basic research. Unfortunately, as with kitchen remodeling costs, getting a quick, accurate estimate for the cost of a bathroom remodel can be tricky.

Since building practices and standards have changed over the years, older homes can present a number of challenges for bathroom remodeling. These homes, even when solidly built, are often out of plumb, level, and square. Their framing specifications and substructure were built differently than they are today. Staircases, hallways, and openings tend to be narrower.

All of these factors affect the installation of modern building materials. Due to substructure movement, a new tile floor may require a reinforced subfloor. Due to narrow joist spacing, a freestanding tub drain assembly may require modification to accommodate its width. These alterations require additional labor and materials, which affect the cost of a bathroom remodel.

Unfortunately, these fun shows can create unrealistic expectations about remodeling budgets and timelines. The numbers they share often omit or reduce expenses that the average homeowner will incur, such as permits, project management, and labor. Online budget guides that list the average price of a bathroom remodel, often geared toward DIYers, sometimes leave these expenses out as well.

Even in a relatively small service area like Lancaster County, there can be location-based pricing considerations. Compared to a suburban Leola bathroom remodel, the cost of a more urban Lancaster bathroom remodel may be affected by available parking and storage space. Are work vehicles able to park near an entrance, where tools and materials can be loaded and unloaded efficiently? Will parking permits will be required to give vehicles access to your home?

Some locations are more likely to have older homes, or require special permitting for historic preservation. An historic Strasburg or Lititz bathroom remodel will likely cost more than a Landisville bathroom remodel in a 1980s-era home.

Midrange Economy bathrooms, like Sam and Kelly's Manheim Township bathroom remodel, typically consist of stock cabinetry and countertops, quality fixtures, an acrylic or fiberglass tub/shower, painted walls, and LVT or similar flooring.

Midrange Designer bathrooms, like Kathy's Manheim Township bathroom remodel, usually retain the bathroom's existing layout or include minor reconfigurations. Stock or semi-custom cabinetry, fresh finishes and paints, upgraded countertops, and inspired fixtures are common, and Designer Midrange remodels include a wide variety of options.

Midrange Premium bathrooms, like Clinton and Mary's Hempfield bathroom remodel, may consist of a reconfiguration of the bathroom layout, with upgraded finishes like tile and glass shower enclosures. A Premium Midrange budget is highly versatile, allowing homeowners to consider a broad variety of finish options and design a luxurious, high-value bathroom.

I hope this post has been helpful as you prepare for your Lancaster bathroom remodel. If you would like to discuss your bathroom budget or remodeling options in more depth, please consider scheduling a free discovery call with one of our project consultants.

McLennan Contracting exists to glorify God by "enriching life at home." We do this by providing exceptional, client-focused home remodeling services, implemented by a unified team of talented individuals who are working within their strengths while prioritizing a healthy work-rest balance.

Building Permits are required for any kitchen or bathroom remodels, and must be obtained before any construction, alteration, or addition work begins. If your remodel project is NOT for a house or duplex, separate Mechanical, Electrical or Plumbing (MEP) permits are also required.

According to Zillow, mid-range bathroom remodels typically result in a $1.71 increase in home value for every dollar spent, particularly in older homes. Updating your bathroom with current trends and a modern look can also make your home stand out in the crowded real estate market. 041b061a72


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