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Ant Download Manager For Mac

Ant Video Downloader is an easy-to-use extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer that allows you to download videos from online streaming websites with a single click. Almost all popular video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are well supported. The Ant Video Downloader offers you different downloading options from low quality to the ultra-high definition when you play a video on your web browser. However, the developers haven't updated it for a long time, and currently, it's still blocked by Chrome and Safari. 4K videos are not supported, and sometimes the downloading is not stable even you can only download one video at a time. If you want to get an Ant Video Downloader alternative that works stably for all web browsers and enables you to download multiple videos simultaneously, here are some of the best options we can find below.

Ant Download Manager For Mac

AceThinker Video Keeper is considered the best alternative for Ant Video Downloader. Unlike Ant Video Downloader, ther Acethinker Video Keeper will let you download videos with 4K resolution. It also supports batch download, where it will let you download several videos with just one click. It also supports various platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Dailymotion, and many more. Acethinker Video Keeper will give you the best downloading experience with its unique features. Follow the steps below on how to use the software.

Once the video is downloaded completely, you can check it on the downloaded library on the software. To play the video, you just need to right-click the downloaded file and click play video, and the video will start playing.

A Chrome extension known as Video Downloader Professional enables you to download or compile video lists and store them in the cloud. If the video supports it, this Video Downloader Professional can download online videos in resolutions as high as 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Google Chromecast also supports it, so you can use the Chromecast to play the downloaded video on other devices such as smart TV. This makes the Video Downloader Professional Chrome extension one of the top Ant Video Downloader alternatives.

VidMate for Android is a reliable and remarkable video downloading-application on Android that allows users to download YouTube Videos. You can search for files on this app using the search bar, or look for files based on different categories like music, movies, or TV shows. VidMate offers fast downloads (downloading speed is top-notch). Users can also customize the download rate and choose a preferred download path/location within the app's download settings. Also, the app comes with a built-in music player and video player, and also lets users create a private space (encrypted) within the app where they get to hide videos.

Another useful video downloading app for iOS devices like iPhone or iPad is DownloadMate. This app gives users the ability to view, watch, and edit downloads directly from their device. This app comes with a web browser with tabs, bookmark manager, and basic authentication through HTTP integrated with Google Search. The app's download manager features a live progress bar for downloads. It shows the number of active downloads, and users can easily customize the download path/location. You can also resume interrupted file downloads inside the application. Using DownloadMate's file manager, users can carry out file-related operations within the app. You can use the app to import audio files and images from your device and also compress downloaded videos to a ZIP file.

The videos are automatically downloaded to a special folder. That's where the Explore button comes in handy, as it opens up the folder that contains your Video Downloader downloads. The toolbar has more configuration options than the average add-on, and you can change the download location, as well as a few other options. The Video Downloader player, which opens in a new window, is sleek with a large screen and is an infinitely better option than some of the horrible players available with other apps.

A small issue that popped up while using the Video Downloader was the lack of a definitive list of the video sites it supports. It does mention that it is specifically for .FLV videos, but we couldn't tell if that means all .FLV videos. Bear in mind that on some video sharing websites, such as Google Videos, the Video Downloader can't detect the name of the file and downloads it as Google Videos 1, 2 etc. Video Downloader for Mozilla Firefox is a free video downloader. The downloader is very easy in operation and has all the necessary functionality. With this tool you can download videos from the majority of websites and play them with the help of integrated player. The files download in .flv format, therefore supported by the majority of video players if you want to watch your videos in the offline mode.

The unique thing about the Internet Download Manager is its additional features that include downloading a video directly from a website and scheduling a particular download for a specific time. All these features come at a nominal price of $24.95 for the lifetime license but IDM also provides a 30-day trial for free users.

Persepolis is a GUI download manager which is derived from the existing, aria2 which is an open-source lightweight multi-protocol & multi-source command-line. It is an open-source program designed based on aria2; that comes with a simple Graphical User Interface for easy usability of the users.

Apart from the graphical interface of this download manager, users have a wide range of features more or less similar to the Internet Download Manager. The downloading manager supports HTTP(S) & FTP for file sharing and downloading which makes it the most recommendable IDM alternatives.

The additional features provided on the Persepolis make it the best alternative for IDM that includes the adjustment of the start and end times of a download. The manager can shut down the system as soon as the download completes. The download manager even supports video downloading on popular websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and many other social media websites.

Folx is one of the most recommended IDM alternatives specifically made for macOS users. It is one of the best speed downloaders for mac that boosts the download speeds by fetching the file from multiple sources and splitting the download into multiple threads for faster speeds. Although, the free version can only split the download into two threads while the Pro version can split the download up to 20 threads.

The list of features that Folx comes with the free version includes splitting the file into two threads, browser integration, auto-resume of downloads, and smart tagging. Smart tagging helps in allotting separate tags for different downloads for identifying a specific file easily. The Pro version of the Folx comes with many other features such as speed adjustment, in-built torrent search, and a couple of other nifty additions.

Xtreme Download Manager or XDM is a tough competitor among the already available download managers and comes in the front line as an appropriate alternative for Internet Download Manager. The highlighting factor of the XDM is its support for almost every operating system with the ability to have a glance at the downloading file with the preview option.

Unlike the other download managers on the list, Xtreme Download Manager features the integration of an add-on for browsers on the operating systems. Xtreme Download Manager supports extensions for downloading the files on browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox Quantum, Opera, and Vivaldi.

Speaking of the above-mentioned feature, the download manager can preview the file even before the download is completed. Also, the XDM comes with an in-built file converter which makes the process even smoother.

JDownloader is a download monitoring and managing software that is very close to the Internet Download Manager. This downloader can fill in the shoes as one of the recommendable IDM alternatives in terms of functionality and user interface. Also, the JDownloader features multi-language support that enables users from different parts of the world to use the tool.

The other feature that is packed in with Jdownloader is the ability to increase or decrease the download speeds with the help of the bandwidth changer. Besides, The download manager can resume and pause the downloads at a given point of time; similar to the other download managers found in this IDM alternatives list.

Furthermore, themes can be applied to the download manager which is one of a kind among all the managers. The JDownloader enables you to save a bunch of download links in an encrypted file which makes users even more secure. The most underrated feature on the JDownloader is that it can solve the CAPTCHA if at all any download link wants you to verify it before downloading the file.

The download manager comes along with the support to download torrent sites; with the in-built support and helps in downloading interrupted files in an organized way. The feature list of the FDM is packed with options and support for different media formats.

Unlike the downloading managers on the list; DownThemAll is a free extension for supported browsers that works flawlessly as a download manager. The intuitive interface is easy to navigate for all the users to download their desirable files from any website.

Ant Download Manager has a ton of loaded features; that gets a mention in the list of alternatives for Internet Download Manager. Although there are not many differences between the IDM and Ant Manager; still, the download manager provides peer-to-peer (P2P) protocol and supports a wide range of media formats to download.

The supported media formats that the Ant Manager can download and stream include M3U8, MPEG-DASH, VIMEO-STREAM protocols. Also, the download manager supports an MP3 converter that downloads the audio file from the video directly. This feature is only available for the pro version and users can have a 30-day free trial of Pro; to experience the download manager or opt for the free version without some features. 350c69d7ab


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