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Make Automated Money Online Doing Nothing

A diversified portfolio can bring in some of the biggest returns. You can use a free automated investor platform like M1 Finance to achieve this. You can automate your contributions so that you can truly grow your money without lifting a finger.

make automated money online doing nothing


InboxDollars gives free members plenty of opportunities to get paid for doing nothing. While you can choose to work for your income by doing surveys, you can also skip those and earn money for doing the things you already do on a daily basis.

Watch videos & commercials. Hop on InboxDollars to pass the time by mindlessly watching videos on your phone or browser. You earn rewards for sitting on the couch doing absolutely nothing but pressing play on interesting videos.

Transcribing takes listening and typing skills and attention to detail. Janet Shaughnessy made a decent living as a transcriptionist until she realized that subcontracting the service was even more lucrative. You can get some great incite on using a transcription service to make money doing nothing in her free online mini-course, General Transcription: Theory & Practice.

Yard work, gardening, and landscaping are about beautifying the yards of homeowners and renters. This can include lawn mowing, edging, pulling weeds, trimming bushes, planting flower beds, etc. Hire a team of workers or subcontract entire projects to make money for doing nothing yourself.

All of these service business ideas offer the opportunity to make money from doing nothing, other than securing your client. Outsourcing the work makes this mostly hands-off and can help you build a reliable stream of income.

An eBook lets you write a book for people to consume online. They can read it on their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Examples of eBook topics are meditation, organization, and productivity. Read my tutorial to learn how to make money writing ebooks.

Each step in the process would have to be automated. The entire process is to be able to run without my overseeing or physical presence. That way I could provide Johnny with a url to my web form and whenever he gets a new client he fills out the form, makes the payment, and the project gets completed by my team.

When it comes to evaluating the cost of launching a new software versus choosing to maintain the status quo, opting not to make a change may seem like a way to save money. But in the long run, choosing inaction could easily add up to more than the price of a new automation solution. In fact, conversational AI solutions are expected to save contact centers $80 billion in labor costs by 2026.

Tom is a full-time blogger and freelance writer with a passion for side hustling, passive income, and the gig economy. His work has appeared on dozens of personal finance websites like Money Crashers, The College Investor, Investor Junkie, and more. This Online World is all about providing people with honest ways to make and save more money by using technology. To learn more about Tom, read his About Page!

Opportunity: In particularly high-demand areas or during high-demand times (for example, during a concert or sporting event), your parking spot could be worth real money. For example, if you live near a place that has frequent commuters but that is strapped for parking spots, you might have a money-maker on your hands. You might have the best chance of turning a profit by renting to someone who needs the spot on a daily basis, rather than for one-off events.

If you have design skills, you may be able to turn them into a money maker by selling items with your printed designs on them. Businesses such as CafePress and Zazzle allow you to sell items such as T-shirts, hats, mugs and more with your own designs.

A local business offers you the potential to generate a cash flow stream through an existing and established company. If the business is profitable enough, you may even be able to hire a manager to run it for you while you make only the biggest decisions or none at all. You may be able to get an attractive loan to buy it, so that you put less of your own money at risk early on.

im past frustration i have been trying to correct my living arrangements since june when case worker took my information while i was driving. i knew she didt get it right and called her soon as i got home. i pay rent and pay for my own food she got it wrong and they have been taking 261 dollars ever since, I have called her 27 times never a return call. i never knew the direct number to my local office where she works just a number where u need an extension which was useless since she refused to return any of my phone calls. Then i called main office number twice and twice those i spoke said they will pass the information on to my local office. Again nothing ever happened. Finally i found direct number to my thousand oaks office i have called then 4 times and again nothing. i have requested. one call i didnt speak directly to my case worker but she told the person i was speaking she told him to tell me to make corrections on the paper work i was originally sent with the amount i was to receive. I did that again nothing happened that was 3 months ago. i didnt certify it but never had problems sending in my other documents. just recently i called the office and twice i was told to send reclamation form. i said again that will be useless too. your information said to call write etc. ive done all that i was told to request another ssi interview falls on deaf ears. i have have read and done everything i can since June to corect this. I asked to make an appointment last week to visit office. I was rudely told this isnt an emergency. Even my original acceptance with amount i was to recieve says call us we will be happy to correct information. ive asked to speak to a supervisor nothing. My local office has hung up on several times because i became fed up begging then to fix this. I have been told so many different things i need to do i do them nothing, its as simple as calling make an appointment. One would think i dont know what else to do except go to advocate on channel 4 and have him help me. 9 payments of missing 261 dollars because of wrong information case worker has me living rent free and meals are paid. completely wrong and i knew she got it wrong. First of all i was on a busy street with no where to pull over so i was busy trying to find a safe place. Second of all i never knew this was my interview i got no notice i asked if i could call when i got home no she this will only take a minute. I knew nothing about this interview and being on a very busy street didnt help matters so i called to reiterate my information 20 minutes later when i got home before she needed to submit wrong information, She had made some comment to me before she hung up that made me beleive she didnt take in the right information so i called right away. that is 2400 dollars ive been docked. i also have another issue before my payments were issued on a debit card i recieved paper checks i had gotten 3 at once. I had owed 2 months rent waiting for approval so i gave all 3 to my landlord who is the owner of the where i live, He held onto them then few months back he said go cash them. So i went to b of a . June July August payments one of them was money back owed. the teller said i cant cash july payment its been cashed already. She gave me treasurer number i called them next day they said no check is fine. I tried cashing at cash checking place but check was now over 6 months old. I called my local office again explained what was going on this is now going on another 3 months. I have called 4 times to see what is taking so long i was told to send my check in i said im sorry when you deposit my money on my card i will mail you the uncashed check this is the only proof i have to show you it was never cashed its in my possession. Local office call the treasury dept and obviously got same info that it had nt been cashed and i would recieve shortly again 3 months have passed. i call 2 weeks ago to ask what was going on. I was told they would call me back they needed to speak with the person handling this and i was told to call back this week. I called yesterday. The rudist human being. and thats another thing except one nice person last week everyone i have spoken has been short extremely rude. I told the gentleman how nice it was to talk to someone willing to help and how rude other have beeb he laughed he knew. So yesterday i called it was right before closing i didnt know the office closed at 4.00 This person who refused to give me his name or let me speak to a supervisor. He kept saying over and over at least 20 times to me that he is looking on the treasury website and that my check was cashed and the signatures match. I quite politely at first told him how is that humanely possible when im in possesion of this check in my hand. He goes it has bank endorsement. I said listen to me if that check was cashed by the bank it would of been sent back to the treasury. That is not possible i have the check in my hand, I said you were not the one helping me treasury said it wasnt cashed obviously the helping me wouldnt be helping me get it replaced if it had been cashed. He kept repeating him self accusing me of lying saying he was looking at it signatures match its not possible he would stop finally i lost it and he hung up on me he wouldnt listen. He is the same person i have talked to with other issue and he does nothing he is so out of order and rude. So im going to try and call again tommorrow. This is out of line for both issues. I have done everything i can read for hours just call write make an appt. tried. the fact this case worker first of all never knew of this appt she omitted things to me. Remeber this is my first time dealing with SSI realizing this is an absolute nightmare. 20 different people telling you whatever they feel like thats why i did my home work and getting nowhere. 4 grand is owed me since june. when this all started its bad enough dealing with ssi 30 years of work and paying in saying i wasnt eligible due to how they compute it even that i did my homework i can prove i was disabled when i was in emergency hospital when it all startedand hasnt stopped since. i did my timeline and that 5 year end of insurable i was in that hospital right under the 5 year wire i dont even dare to go down that road yet i need to fix what im owed, going on 7 months. And how extremely rude of this case worker doing this while im on a busy highway with no where to pull over. and to not correct it soon as i called and havnt spoken to her since 27 calls. sorry this is so long again my next step is to go to consumer advocate on channel 4 and ask him to help me ive tried for 7 months and im a pretty savvly person taking care of issues. Ive gotten nowhere not by lack of trying i dont know what else to do. Its very disparaging to talk to rude very kurt people everyone telling you something different when i can read and what i was supposed to do ive done above and beyond. thank you any suggestions 041b061a72


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