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Darkstorm Viewer

Second Life CopyBot Forum is a place where you can get items for Second Life and other vitual worlds for free. With our CopyBot viewers you can export and import any content from these virtual worlds and modify them in 3D software such as Blender, 3D studio Macx etc...

Darkstorm Viewer

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If you have used an uncommon third party viewer, you may have a problem with your account. Some copy-bot and griefer viewers are designed to steal passwords. So, make sure your account hasn't been hacked.

Darkstorm is not an "illegal" viewer, although it is NOT on the list of viewers that voluntarily comply with LL's Third Party Viewer requirements. It's a tweaked version of the popular Firestorm viewer (which IS on the approved list.)

It's also possible to use a "graphics crasher" that will cause your graphics card to malfunction and dump you out of Second Life. Again, this is not a viewer function, but is done with a device that presents a large number of corrupt textures to your graphics card. I have heard that it's possible to physically damage a graphics card in this way, but I have never seen hard proof of that. The worst any graphics crasher has ever done to me is crash my viewer, requiring a re-log.

In any event, I do NOT recommend that anyone use Darkstorm, or any viewer that isn't on the approved Third Party Viewer list. ESPECIALLY do not use a viewer that you have to pay money for. These viewers not only contain functions that let you violate the Terms of Service (which can get you banned from SL!) but some of them contain malware. They may be used by the developer to invade your computer and steal your personal information.

Similarly, it is remarkable that Linden does not care and that the whole grid is pretty much a welcoming target of copyright infringement. For example, several animation creators have had all their items "stolen" and the blame was shoved onto broken vendors. In truth however, animations can be exported as any other item, completely bypassing any "vendor" systems. Furthermore, there is an avid market for "copybot" protections (the sums go up to the L$10 000), when in fact, the "copybots" may very well be modified viewers that are impossible, under any circumstance, to detect - most certainly not by using pure LSL code.

The patch below will slightly alter Singularity and Avination viewer so it can export assets to the hard-drive without leaking any trace of tampering. This is going further than Rake since Rake only deals with assets in the avatar's inventory, while these patches make it possible to grab most in-world assets.

If you plan on using your modified viewer in Second Life, it is recommended to use the Singularity master-branch patch because it is recent enough to cope with the Server-Side Baking (SSB) "feature" (that did not really make a difference) of Linden servers. On OpenSim, any of the patches will do fine.

This is a popular demand, but Wizardry and Steamworks does not distribute binaries. However, rumor is that Darkstorm Viewer or Hydrastorm are viewers that implements all that we show here and many other features. It is up to you whether to trust third-party viewers or not.

Moments is a new way to celebrate channel lore and reward viewers for being part of the hype, live. With the click of a button, you can now turn major moments on stream into a commemorative chat badge that viewers will receive if they were watching live. The more moments a viewer takes part in, the higher badge tiers they unlock. Plus, newcomers can get to know your stream by clicking into these badges and viewing the defining moments of your community.

this would drive people to follow streams just for emotes, BUT, that means clicking on a channel they might not have clicked on before, giving the streamer an opportunity to retain that viewer, which leads to the viewer subbing/donating etc. I don't see a downside to be honest


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