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Bakuman Season 3

Here it is, the third season of the r/anime Bakuman community rewatch! Thanks for everyone who participated in the first season, it was a lot of fun, and I'm grateful for everyone who watched, even if they didn't always comment. This is one of my favorite shows, and I'm happy to see so many people enjoying it alongside me!

Bakuman Season 3

I just finished watching Bakuman anime (seasons 1 thru 3) and really enjoyed the series. Right after finishing the anime, I found out that they skipped a portion of the manga in season 3 (around episode 16) and would like to read more about it the potion that they skipped.

Looking at MAL for example while there definitely was a drop in popularity after S1 there's still more people that have bakuman S3 in their list than say girls und panzer or vivid red operation that have huge threads on animesuki.

Maybe I missed it but was it ever explained where the name Bakuman came from? Ever since the middle of season 1 I kept assuming that "Bakuman" was going to be the title of their most popular manga ever, the one that would be turned into the anime Azuki was going to star in. However it turned out to be Reversi instead.

This show. What to say about this show. Unlike some, I haven't been following it from the beginning. The first 2 seasons aired during times when I was taking a break from anime so I missed them. I read Enzo's first few posts on S3 and it seems cool so I quickly downloaded and marathoned the first 2 seasons. So for me, this show hasn't been a years-in-the-making saga.

As always, thanks Enzo for covering this, while I read the reviews here and in RC when it was covered there in it's first season, I'm really glad you continued on for it's second and third season. I really appreciate the time and effort for the commentary and whatnots.

Thanks Enzo for covering this series. I wasn't following your blog yet during the last season, but I kept up with all your posts this season and your enthusiasm for this show definitely played a part in my enjoying it. 041b061a72


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