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Zombie Tsunami on PC: How to Play on Windows 7 with an Emulator

By downloading Zombie Tsunami you can control a horde of zombies. You'll start off with just a single zombie, but as you manage to bite other people, you'll be able to make other zombies join you.

Second of all, power ups! This game would be a loss let fun without the power ups, which vary. You can have your zombies become ninjas, rugby players, morph into one big zombie, have them turn into gold and turn everything they touch into the same material, or, as the title implies, ride a massive tsunami that wipes everything off and turns the humans that you encounter into zombies that join your party.

download zombie tsunami for pc windows 7

Since you know that you will need your handheld gadgets to survive any disaster, it would be wise to keep the battery of your smartphones full and ready. If ever Zombie Apocalypse were true, at least you have your mobile phone with you. But before you run, make sure that your data are fully secured and in sync with your reliable desktop computer. That way, when some zombies, salvage your iPhone instead of you, then at least you can retrieve all your files through the Cloud Drive of your Google Account when you come back. It is best to download and install Andy now so you can sync your most important apps right where you should! The push notifications from your smartphone or desktop are in fact synched seamlessly to keep you informed where the zombies are headed. Download Zombie Tsunami for PC Windows 7/8 or Mac and get yourself distracted from your mundane tasks at the office computer from dusk till dawn!


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