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Where To Buy Clemons Concrete Coatings \/\/FREE\\\\

Xtreme Polishing Systems supplies concrete and floor resurfacing contractors with professional, premium quality, and innovative concrete products, epoxy coatings, flooring machines, janitorial equipment, and decorative materials used every day on the job site at affordable prices.

where to buy clemons concrete coatings

Clyde Clemons started the business in 1953, and it provided everything for the concrete industry. Since then, the business has evolved to one focusing on the manufacture of concrete coatings sealers, stains, dyes, cleaners, etc. Don Ware bought it 15 years ago and has seen it grow from a regional to a national company able to deal with the hazardous chemicals connected to the development of these products.

And concrete is no longer just standard gray, either. In the four years he's been at Clemons, Allen has seen a rising interest in color, which is where the innovative products honored at World of Concrete come in. People working with decorative concrete want a range of colors to appeal to their clients, and they also want products that are fast and easy to use.

I am told that because SS30 is breathable it can be applied to freshly laid concrete pavers without any issues. Is this correct? Everywhere I look it says you need to wait 30-60 days before sealing new pavers to allow the chemicals and dies in them to come out? 041b061a72


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