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Best Buy Mohu 60

For the same price as one month of basic cable, the Mohu Leaf 50 over-the-air (OTA) TV antenna gives you every local broadcast channel and subchannel within a 60-mile range in sweet, crisp HD. That makes the Mohu Leaf 50 easily the best indoor TV antenna for distant suburban and closer rural areas.

best buy mohu 60

But make sure to test your indoor HDTV antenna placement in a few areas around your living room to get the best channel number and strength of signal. But if better channel quality is more important to you than hiding the antenna, most people find that an antenna gets a more reliable signal near the ceiling or up by a window.

If the above tips don't work and you're quite far from your local TV transmitters (miles rather than yards), you might have to go for the nuclear option: a roof-mounted antenna. For most homes an outdoor antenna will massively outperform an indoor one, so if you've tried every corner of your indoors without success then your best option may be to put the aerial outside.

Over-the-air TV broadcasts are still there and they're still free. That means you can watch a vast range of sports, news, public TV station documentaries, and much more without needing to pay for cable or a whole bunch of streaming services. Although it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Even if you do have Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you might want to bolster your options with one of these indoor antennas and in this guide we'll walk you through the best options.

What will populate is a blue beacon that indicates your home, and color coded chart that will let you know how far away each signal is to the left of the map. You can click on the name of each channel carrier in the color coded chart to see exactly where they are transmitting their signal from. If you select the tower icon it will tell you mileage of how far that tower is away from your home. That mileage note is extremely helpful for picking an antenna that is correct for you, as most antennas have a mile recommendation on them to work to best of their ability.

The decidedly retro Antennas Direct DB8e 8-Element Bowtie Antenna is very powerful. It features two panels (each with four elements and a reflector) that you can angle toward clusters of nearby stations to get the best results. It's still a multidirectional antenna, but it has a very useful range of around 70 miles.

Monoprice remains one of the best-kept secrets for home theater enthusiasts and installers; the company sells reliable and inexpensive antennas, cables, and other A/V equipment. The Monoprice Active Curved HDTV Antenna is a simple, affordable, and slightly curved indoor antenna with an amplifier that enables a 60-mile operating range.

Before you start shopping for an antenna, you should check what channels are available near you. AntennaWeb(Opens in a new window) has a helpful tool that lets you enter your location to see where the nearest TV stations are. It even provides a map that shows the distance from each station and the type of antenna you need to get a strong signal. Once you know what stations you can pick up, then you can figure out the best antenna to buy.

A slightly more expensive but easier-to-live-with option is the SB36312-G6. At $250, it uses software and upward-firing speakers for the effect of Dolby Atmos sound that surrounds you from behind and above. With just a soundbar and a slim wireless subwoofer, you won't be able to see where the sounds are coming from -- or have to keep an eye out for annoying wires running across the room -- you'll just hear them. If you don't mind the inconvenience or spending a little more money, however, the best option might be Vizio's SB36512-F6. It has the larger subwoofer, plus Dolby Atmos audio and some rear surround speakers to make sure everything is in the right place -- better yet, it's on sale for just $300.

Remote control technology hasn't advanced quite as much as the rest of home theater tech over the years, despite the proliferation of HDMI-CEC and devices that you can operate via apps. Still, if you're hoping for a one-wand-that-rules-them-all experience, Harmony's Companion is your best bet.

Otherwise, your best options come from some of the biggest names. The Apple TV 4K integrates perfectly with your iPhone and Mac, offers all of the big name apps and presents an interesting option for gaming with the new Arcade package, all for $149. Google's Chromecast Ultra will need a software update before it's Stadia-ready, but it's very capable and 4K-ready at $69. Last but not least, Amazon is offering some Black Friday deals on its Fire TV hardware, with the 4K Stick half-off at $25, and the Fire TV Cube that comes with Alexa built-in is on sale for $90.

Now that you got that new set home, it's important to make sure that you're actually getting the most out of it. One of the best ways to do that is via calibration. Right out of the box, we already have some advice on what settings you should adjust first, and that advice especially comes in handy for built-in streaming services.

If you haven't cut the cord and are thinking about it, now is the perfect time. If you're like many cord cutters, once you have a digital antenna and sign up to a streaming service or two, you won't even know why you stayed with cable as long as you did. If you do cut the cord, one of your best friends will be your antenna.

Once you make the decision to switch, and you are in the market for an antenna, the hard part is over. Now you need to pick out the best antenna for you. If you're clueless on that front, these tips should help.

For most people, an antenna can be a cost-effective way to score live TV without a recurring cost. After testing several different models, we've picked the best antennas you can buy, all for under $100. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches tech products.

Out of all the antennas we tested, the Channel Master FLATenna+ offers the best bang for your buck. For $40, you get a reliable indoor antenna that's relatively easy to install and offers a range of around 50 miles. 041b061a72


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